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The Mellow Mushroom – Auburn edition

April 7, 2009

For those of you who followed Joe and Josephine on the old site, you know a couple of things: (1) we don’t typically review franchises, or “chains”, and (2) the ‘Shroom is one of our noted exceptions.

We ate dinner at the bar on Sunday night, the same as we have off and on for several years now. The ‘Shroom is always a great place to meet friends downtown, and this past Sunday was no different. If you haven’t been there in a few months, there have been several changes. “Todd,” my favorite bartender moved back to the kitchen. No real reason was given, and although the newest beer servers are fine, they aren’t “Todd.” I happen to think a personable and well versed bartender can make or break a place. Fortunately for the ‘Shroom, Josephine and I have never been disappointed in our meal and so we keep it on our list of regular haunts. Another change was a pretty significant redecorating effort which produced updated paint and a thorough cleaning of the men’s room. Simple things for simple minds. Josephine sighs loudly. Joe doesn’t care and orders another beer.

The change I can crow about is the Monday through Thursday drink specials. Like most businesses that are going to survive the current economic downturn, the ‘Shroom understands how to get their message out in a timely and effective manner. You’ll see mini posters plastered about the place pointing out the tough times and how you can still drink (and eat) with the reckless abandon of a Bernie Madoff staff member. Okay, they call it their economic stimulus package, but you get the point. Hopefully.

On the food side, several new pizzas have been added and two of our current favorites are the “Philosopher’s Pie,” and “Kosmic Karma.” Not much else has changed though, and Joe still craves the calzones, hummus and several of the other pizza pies on a somewhat frequent basis.

In short, Joe still recommends The Mellow Mushroom for beer specials, the best calzone and arguably the best pizza in Auburn and an overall great place to meet friends after work.

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