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In Italy, in Auburn

April 8, 2009

Last night Joe and Josephine met some friends at In Italy for dinner. Most people in Auburn under the age of 30 are very familiar with “In Italy” as the place for beautiful people and beautiful people gawkers. When the bar opened over one year ago, it really was THE place to drink in town, and as Joe stated previously, visible proof of why Lee Corso says Auburn has the best looking women he’s ever seen.

Last fall (approximately), In Italy opened up the “Roma” restaurant upstairs. Our first dinner experience was on opening night and we blamed the slow service and questionable entree quality on opening night jitters. We’ve been back several times since then and now with last night, we’re ready to proclaim……

“In Italy” is a great place for appetizers, dessert and drinks.

Save yourself some of the trouble and expense though when it comes to dinner. Are there good items on the menu? Absolutely, and to be fair, you really should try dinner and see for yourself. My brother and his wife LOVE the place and everything on the menu. Josephine and I would absolutely recommend all of the appetizers, especially the tomato and mozzarella, prosciutto wrapped melon and bruschetta. Dessert is equally impressive, but the selections vary by night so ask the wait staff for their recommendation. The wine list is very nice, and as the name suggests, they heavy up on Italian wines from top to bottom of the boot.

The concept is a wonderful addition to the Auburn dining scene. The owners all hail from Italy and their struggle has been coaxing the Olive Garden-loving crowd to appreciate truly authentic Italian food. So far, the experiment has yielded mixed results. Joe finds this unfortunate because it really is a great location with a very visually appealing dining area. The wait staff probably shows more turnover than normal, which also hurts because the service falls down when it comes to explaining the dishes and their preparation. Don’t be surprised if you ask one of the servers about a dish and hear, “it’s pretty good.” Sad, but true because it happened last night.

My meal was the filet mignon with prosciutto wrapped scallops and mushroom risotto. The scallops were well put together and seasoned wonderfully and then left to sit to the point of being cold. The filet was closer to a skirt steak and left on my plate unfinished – a rare occurrence for red meat loving Joe Auburn. The risotto almost made the entire meal worth it as a stand alone side however. We skipped dessert last night, but based on previous evenings, I still highly recommend you save room.

All in all, In Italy is a nice experience and worth a visit. We’re told the menu is being revamped and Joe and Josephine will more than likely go back for dinner once that task is complete. In the meantime, we’ll save In Italy for a pre or post dinner elsewhere location.

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