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Easter with friends and family – Jimmy’s in Opelika

April 13, 2009

Yesters day Joe and Josephine invited three couples to join us for Easter brunch/lunch at Jimmy’sin Opelika. Former followers of Joe Auburn know that Jimmy’s is on our highly recommended list and an old favorite. Yesterday did not disappoint for most folks.

Jimmy offered a range of entrees, including my choice, Crawfish Cardinal, creole fried turkey, praline glazed ham, blackened catfish, and lamb. Out table covered the gamut, and everyone was positive on their entree other than the ham eaters. In fact, almost half of the ham portion was returned to the kitchen uneaten. The turkey lovers in the crowd liked the dish, but were somewhat underwhelmed. The lamb was a big hit with Joe’s sister-in-law, and my crawfish was exceptional.

The sides and dessert however, were everyone’s favorite part of the meal. The sides consisted of peas and carrots, lima beans, yellow squash, sweet potato souffle, and cornbread dressing. Every bowl was almost licked clean, with the dressing and sweet potato dishes getting the highest marks. For dessert there was bread pudding, double chocolate pound cake, strawberries jubilee, and key lime pie. Again, everyone loved their dessert and it was the perfect end to a wonderful time with friends and family.

In general, Joe and Josephine didn’t rate this as one of Jimmy’s best efforts. You could see he had staffed up for the day, and the lack of experience from a couple of the wait staff was painfully obvious. Entrees arrived before the salads had been finished, dessert was ordered before the entrees were done and then we waited 15 minutes for the bills to be settled. However, the dining area and the private area in the rear were both packed and the attention to efficiency was overall appreciated. Jimmy’s forte to us has always been his monthly wine dinners or evening meals spent relaxing with a bottle of wine.

Jimmy himself made his customary rounds to greet everyone and ask about the food. This is one of the nicest touches he adds to the charm of the place, and having “Joe” on hand always helps. Aimee was at the front to greet everyone which rounded out the wonderful overall experience.

Joe still recommends Jimmy’s for lunch, dinner, monthly wine dinners and now Holiday meals as well.

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