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Joe believes in second chances, or Niffer’s revisited

April 29, 2009

Joe and Josephine haven’t been to Niffer’s place in well over one year. Yes, this is an Auburn area icon and almost every one we know loves the place. Up until the worst customer service experience in my drinking and eating career, I would have agreed. However, we were treated so poorly by a bartender, waitress and then MANAGER, we swore Niffer’s off the list.

Last night the missus and I decided to give them another chance. Guess what? That same bartender was there with her snarling face and lack of concern for our requests. We quickly moved outside and things got much better as soon as we did.

Our waiter, besides looking like he belonged on an episode of the OC, was not only competent, but he was friendly as well. We weren’t rushed, he responded well to our light-hearted approach and even recipricated where appropriate. We gladly ordered beer(s), an appetizer and two AYCE orders of wings. Joe ordered, “hot” and Josephine ordered, “Chicago style.” We were both happy and had a very pleasant evening on the deck.

I guess second chances do work out sometimes and so Joe would gladly recommend Niffer’s again, with caution. I think the service bar has been set very low at Niffer’s and they rely too heavily on their reputation for fun food and drinks (aka, fishbowls). In towns outside Auburn, I don’t know how long this would last to be honest, but Niffer’s pulls it off in its trademark eclectic way.

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