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Swine Flu? Eat more BBQ

April 30, 2009

Okay, admittedly the title is a stretch and doesn’t do the food or the atmosphere at Price’s BBQ House justice. Any Auburn visitor will probably notice this place for the pig “statue” in an Auburn football jersey out front. That assumes of course your nasal passages are blocked and you can’t smell the wonderful BBQ aromas that blanket South College street as you near campus.

Joe frequents Price’s for breakfast and highly recommends the biscuit and gravy in both the regular and large size as well as the cheese grits. Wash it all down with a bucket of sweet tea and you’ll be back at lunch for the chopped BBQ plate or sandwich. I doubt you could find anything here you WON’T like.

The prices are fantabulous and for those poor souls who are uninitiated, enter left or right, stand in line, place your order and wait for your name to be called. If you’re smart, you’ll stake out a table first and leave a squatter. The dining area is small and almost always packed to the walls, so time your breakfast or lunch entry well to beat the crowds.

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