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Daylight Donuts can turn off the lights

May 1, 2009

Daylight Donuts is one of the newest additions to the Auburn dining scene. After this morning, Joe won’t be back.

I waited in line like the 20 odd other folks who made the trip over. Clearly they were busy, but their system broke down when the cashier and donut order-taker-boxer-bagger traded jobs. This being my first trip, I was unaware of the lingo, the menu or the “system.” I now know what neophytes must feel like when presented with the staggering menu of choices at a Starbucks. The pressure to get your order out clearly the first time, knowing you have people, obviously in a hurry to get to the office, behind you waiting impatiently can be a little nerve wracking.

We’re off to a bad start when I wished the young lady a “good morning” and she responded with, “what do you want?”

I thought I was ordering “Tiger Tails” because my choices were limited to plain glazed, chocolate covered frosted, and chocolate covered frosted with orange and blue sprinkles generously coating the top. My order went something like this,

Me: “I’d like 6 plain glazed, 3 of these Tiger Tails, and 3 of the chocolate glazed.”

I’m pointing to each of the selections as I order, and once complete, slide down the line to the register.

Young lady: “Do you want cinnamon and sugar on your tiger tails, cause we’re out of the chocolate frosted.”

Me: (pointing again) “Um, then I want three of whatever those are there, and three of the ones directly behind them.”

Young lady: “We’re out of chocolate frosted Tiger Tails, and do you want the double chocolate frosted or plain?”

Me: (walking back down to the trays in front of her) “I’d like three of whatever you call these with the orange and blue sprinkles and three of these glazed donuts with chocolate on top.”

I’m again pointing and apparently my tone of voice did not sit well with the young lady because she jabbed my next six donuts in the bag at a rate that would make a boxing trainer envious.

Joe realizes he didn’t know the correct names and that 8 am on a Friday morning is probably early to some folks, but I have ordered food and drink all over the world using the highly successful pointing method. I guess it hasn’t yet made its way to Auburn, or more specifically to this young lady behind the glass case.

By the way, the donuts weren’t bad, so if you know what you are ordering and you don’t care a bit for customer service, by all means, join the crowds at Daylight Donuts.

  1. Daylight Management permalink

    We apologize for the rude behavior you encountered this morning. I can assure you that our employees are trained to treat each customer with respect and to make them feel welcome. Our goal is for each customer to have fun when in our store and to look foward to coming back. I urge you to not judge our service by this one incident(bad days can happen to anyone) and to visit us again.

  2. Daylight Donuts permalink

    We apologize for the service which you received yesterday morining. I can assure you that our employees are trained to treat each customer with respect and to make them feel welcome. Our goal is for each customer to enjoy their time at Daylight and look forward to visiting again. I urge you to not judge our service by the one incident (unfortunate accidents can happen with any business) and to visit us again. In the future, I also urge you to ask to speak with management if you have a problem such as this. During economic times such as this, informing others of an isolated incident and giving future customers a bad impression helps no one.

  3. Joe,
    Head over to the other side of town and try D Square Donuts. It’s behind McAllisters in the Winn Dixie shopping center. Also check out my review of both places on

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