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Any way you say it, The Brass Brassiere rocks!

May 10, 2009

Friday night Joe made the short cruise to Opelika for wine tasting at the Brass Brassiere. Auburn residents probably remember them for their former South College Street location just off Exit 51. Rick and Jackie moved into the Opelika location on South Railroad and immediately transformed the space into a menagerie of antiques, crafts, collectibles and WINE! Rick and Jackie are both very knowledgeable about their wine, and 90% of the time, Joe and Josephine agree wholeheartedly on their wine recommendations. For the record, the only places that have come close in that category areJimmy’s (across the street) or our waitress at The Olives in Las Vegas.

This past Friday, The Brass Brassiere featured eight artisan wines from around the world. There were three whites, and five reds and each of the four wine tasting stations showcased Jackie’s homemade appetizers paired appropriately with the wines. Although I didn’t taste anything I couldn’t live without on this trip, I did pick up a very nice French red which Rick recommended as one of the best table wines under $20 you’ll ever try. “Le petit vin d’Avril,” was opened as soon as I got home and it proved to be a big hit with Josephine and her friend.

Jackie gave me a tour of the new wine lounge they recently opened as well as the sitting area joining the lounge and the main store. They do have some fantastic pieces and really did a bang-up job decorating the lounge. If my memory serves me correctly, the hours are Monday through Thursday from 3:30 to 9:30 pm and Friday and Saturday from 3 to 10 pm. The concept is really very “big city” for Opelika (and Auburn), and features quaint seating with a wine bar and a selection of appetizers which Jackie makes in house. I can’t wait to take Josephine one evening!

After the wine tasting, Jimmy’sof Opelika was calling my name, so I strolled across the street for dinner. Jimmy’s was packed and the only seating available was a place at the bar. It really turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I got plenty of personal attention and with my back to all the other patrons, I was able to enjoy dinner at my own pace without a lot of prying eyes. My dinner kicked off with an order of bacon wrapped scallops and a glass of Brutocao Quadriga – okay, I actually had more than a glass, but it was spread over the course of a near two hour dinner. Jimmy recommended the mixed grill and I was happy for the assist since that was exactly the dish I had in mind. Jimmy’s mixed grill features several gulf shrimp, a Georgia quail and some andouille sausage that arguably was the best I’ve ever tasted. A side of asparagus and a half baked potato completed the giant plate. For dessert, a glass of champagne paired very well with hand scooped ice cream. Jimmy’s never disappoints!

All in all, this is a great way to spend a Friday evening in Opelika. The Brass Brassiere normally does one wine tasting the first Friday of every month, and then another at a later date. Stop by and sign up for their email list to make sure you never miss an opportunity. Afterwards, Joe says stop by Jimmy’s, ask for “Joe” and watch for “Jimmy” himself to wander around and greet his guests.

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  1. Any way you say it, The Brass Brassiere rocks!

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