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Jimmy’s provides a Mother’s Day treat

May 11, 2009

Joe and Josephine paid a visit to Jimmy’sof Opelika on Sunday for a special Mom’s Day treat. Similar to his Easter offering, Jim put together a selection of meats and then provided bowls of veggies, a nice salad and dessert to round out the menu.

We started our celebration with a glass of champagne each and then let Jim pair a white wine with our lunch. He chose a nice French, unoaked and slightly floral blend that was ideal to our taste and with our meals. Josephine chose the crab and eggplant delmonico and I picked a rare treat, the shrimp and scallop newberg. Our veggies included green beans, cornbread dressing with gravy, broccoli casserole and sweet potato souffle. For dessert, Josephine went with a simple, but tasty lemon bar topped with a raspberry and Joe wolfed down the chocolate sponge cake. Of course when Joe and Josephine dine, we sample a bit of each others meals. I can honestly say that I won out across the board, although Josephine preferred her lemon bar to my chocolate cake. We were both in agreement the shrimp and scallop newberg was the entree winner.

You’ve probably noticed a theme here: Joe and Josephine love Jimmy’s. We’re unashamed of our love affair for the way Jimmy and “Joe” run both the kitchen and dining area. The fact that the food seldom disappoints makes it even better. This is one of the places you like to call home and frequent as much as your budget and taste allow. The real joy for us is of course Jimmy’s monthly wine dinners, but also just to stop by for dinner. Make the visit soon, and put your wine ordering in Jimmy’s capable hands. Joe doubts you’ll be disappointed.

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