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Christopher, at the Lake

May 26, 2009

Josephine and I made the unexpectedly short drive to Dadeville this Memorial Day weekend to visit an old Auburn favorite and sentimental choice, Christopher. Formerly on Pepperell Parkway, or the Opelika Highway, Christopher was a Joe Auburn family favorite since it opened. We enjoyed “Brandon’s” martini list, Chris and Mark’s welcoming demeanor, the wine list and of course the food.

Christopher made the move to the former location of The Cove on Highway 49 in Dadeville. Josephine and I were not quite sure what we would find in the new location, but we decided to try it anyway.

We arrived approximately 10 minutes before our reservervation and were promptly greeted by a line out the door. The other thing that jumped out at us other than the line of folks waiting to be seated was how overdressed we were. Now it should be noted that Joe and Josephine Auburn clean up well, but I would describe our Saturday evening attire on this night as comfortable business casual. Compared to the other guests, we may as well have shown up in a custom fitted tuxedo and Vera Wang evening gown. Aside from the occasional second glance, and Mark’s compliment when he seated us, our attire did not really matter to anyone other than us.

We opted for the Veraison Synchrony 2004 blend (although the menu stated ’03), the hummus as an appetizer and then Josephine ordered the Pittsburgh barrel cut tenderloin and Joe ordered the white pepper and horseradish strip. The Synchrony may have been the biggest hit of the evening, which is saying A LOT considering how much we loved the hummus and our steaks. It was a big wine, smooth throughout and stood up very well to the spicy hummus and more than handled the well seasoned steaks.

If you’ve never ordered the hummus at Christopher, you should just for the presentation. It comes loaded with warm flat bread, fruits and vegetables and those flat bread sticks that are made for dipping. I would caution the casual diner that the hummus would easily feed a table of four. The steaks were fantastic and kept with the Christopher tradition of being slightly different than you’ve ever tasted before – in a great way of course.

We skipped dessert, only because we had The Gourmet Tiger prepare us their special Auburn orange velvet cheesecake cake (more than a mouthful, no pun intended!), and it was waiting at home with a nice glass of Champagne.

Joe and Josephine both strongly recommend Christopher in his new location and we plan to return soon. He has a sports bar upstairs, pontoon rentals, a full bar, breakfast, lunch and dinner and a Sunday brunch.

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