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Big Cat weekend – Yes, a BIG Deal

May 31, 2009

Joe is more than slightly embarrassed he didn’t know more about what was taking place in his backyard this weekend. Capitalizing on the Tiger Prowl limo recruiting buzz, the Auburn coaching staff put together a Big Cat weekend for recruits this weekend. I fell in love with this about mid article and wished Josephine and I had steered the front tires towards downtown instead of home when we left Crawfest XXI last night.

No, we haven’t played or won a game with this coaching staff, but I do admire and respect their no holds barred approach to recruiting. I did get the chance to meet Coaches Rocker and Thigpen recently and I have to say, their enthusiasm and candor ring a decidedly different tone than the previous administration.

Auburn may not sign one-third of the kids on campus this weekend come next February. I’m sure if these kids are smart, they’ll watch Auburn’s on-field performance this Fall with vigor as they try and picture themselves on the field, on campus and in Auburn. Tactics like Tiger Prowl and Big Cat weekend won’t matter much if the coaching staff falls apart on the sideline and in the media after the first loss. Winning and maintaining the sense of family and intensity this staff is projecting is what will be the deciding factor in the long run. In the meantime though, it sure is fun to be a Tiger fan this offseason!

Great video courtesy of the Opelika Auburn Newsof Toomer’s Corner being rolledAuburnTron provides a great summary of Saturday night’s action and the War Eagle Extra makes mention of Big Cat weekend along with some other Auburn notes – all worth reading.

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