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Big Cat Weekend, and now the rest of the story

June 2, 2009

Well, Auburn definitely generated buzz, excitement and yes, controversy with the recent Big Cat Weekend. Most of the buzz was afterwards since 99% of Lee County’s population did not even know the even took place. All of the excitement, aside from those who attended, came from reading and watching the recruits reaction to their Big Cat Weekend. I couldn’t help but chuckle at $aban being called out during the process.

Now the rest of the story is Auburn may have committed secondary violations. Think Lane Kiffin and his host of infractions since being hired to start December ’08. Does Auburn want to associate itself with this kind of press? Probably not, but then again if you believe bad press is still “getting your name out,” what better way to spread the word than videos of recruits being celebrities before they even play a game?

Joe for one will be quietly awaiting the next big recruiting thing instead of worrying about stuff like who exactly was calling out recruits names at Toomer’s.

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