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b.b.’s in Jacksonville, Florida

June 26, 2009

I recently traveled to Jacksonville, Florida – an old Joe Auburn stomping ground – for work. Thankfully, our hotel staff was on the ball when it came to recommending places to dine. We asked for a place nearby with a wide menu selection and fun atmosphere. They immediately said in unison, “b.b.’s.”

b.b.’s is in the San Marco area of Jacksonville, or virtually downtown as Jacksonville goes. Inside, the decor is very nice and trendy, but I suppose it was really trendy when it first opened. Now the poured concrete floor, large windows and color scheme have been copied in almost every revitalized district of any medium to large city.

They had several menus, which was confusing at first, but once our waiter arrived and explained that one was prix fixe, the other was appetizers and the third was the complete menu it became clear as mud. Oh yeah, add in the bar menu and the table filled up quickly.

I opted for the prix fixe menu of assorted greens, shaved red onion and a vinaigrette dressing, pasta with PEI mussels, shrimp and clams, followed by a chocolate truffle cake. The salad was very presentable, although the dressing wasn’t as spectacular as I’d hoped. My main course was outstanding to say the least. The blend of cavatappi pasta, seafood and light sauce blended together well and left me ready for dessert. Yes, the PEI mussels were a nice addition. My dessert was dressed to kill in chocolate sauce on an oversized white plate. Not exactly the death-by-chocolate experience Joe craves, it took dessert to clue me in that b.b.’s is about understatement. Once I accepted that – the whole meal took on a new expression of excellence. Add in that fact that our waiter had an amazingly cool DJs voice, and b.b.’s rockets to near the top of Joe’s list of First Coast Favorites!

P.S. I even went back the next evening to have a glass of wine at the bar and the bar experience was just as pleasant. During this relaxing period I noticed all the publications on the wall proclaiming b.b.’s to be a Top 25 dining experience in the State of Florida – nice to know Joe knows his food on the road as well. 😉

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