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Ballin’, State style

July 8, 2009

The online “urban dictionary” contains no less than 12 pages of variations on the definition of “ballin.” For my Indiana friends, I think the most appropriate (and said with the utmost affection) would be: “Living a life of extreme wealth and flaunting it. Sadly enough, young people from not so wealthy families think its cool to blow off thousands of dollars on jewlry [sic] and clothes instead of trying to move out of the ghetto and finding a better way of life.”

In other words, Ball State visits Auburn in late September, bringing with them all the hopes and dreams of the mid-west. Complete with jerseys, gold chains, caps and all the other ghetto garb you would expect to see from folks raised amongst the chronic corn fields and phat basketball goals dotting the suburbia, Ball State will no doubt represent the MAC and may even give Auburn fits to wrap up the month. For those of you scratching your collective heads, you would think a guy reared in the deep south would think twice before making jest of another person’s home state. Think again. Josephine’s family is firmly entrenched in Indiana and the running joke every time we visit has become the association with so many of the residents looking like something out of Malibu’s Most Wanted.

But I digress, this is a post about a Football game.

Jerry does a good job of previewing predicting blogging another Auburn opponent this fall, Ball State, at the JCCW. You may remember Ball State of last year who went 12-0 in the regular season and then tanked their final two games. First, in the MAC Championship game against Buffalo, and then to be completely dismantled in the GMAC Bowl game against Tulsa.

I can’t bring myself to NOT mention that Auburn flirted with Turner Gill as a new head coach (Buffalo) or that Gus Malzahn, current Offensive Coordinator, was with Tulsa making the GMAC the most watched bowl game by Auburn fans of the ’08-’09 bowl season.

How different would this game be if Hoke and Davis had stuck around? Thankfully, we’ll never know. I’m saving my own predictions until closer to kickoff. Joe and Josephine are however, looking forward to the possibility of hosting several of her family members – natives of Indiana and Ball State alums – for this game on September 26th.

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