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Hot ‘lanta for five more years

July 28, 2009

Well, the SEC signed whatever they needed to in order to remain in Atlanta and the Georgia Dome for the next five years. Joe would have preferred a rotation of sorts, say New Orleans one year, Atlanta the next, or even Nashville one year, but oh well. No one called to ask my opinion.

Another option might have been to award home field advantage to the team with the best overall record or winner in a head to head scenario. Can you imagine hosting Florida on the Plains for the SEC? Or how about facing Georgia again to close the season either between the hedges or back in God’s own country?

I guess the Georgia Dome offers the bowl game surroundings, but it seems odd it is hosted each year in a state with only ONE SEC competitor. Birmingham, although admittedly the facilities are atrocious offers a central location and two schools. Nashville has a pro-stadium, a great city to boot (no pun intended) and again, two schools in state. Louisiana only provides LSU, but New Orleans – the Big Easy – come on! That should be a no-brainer!

If my memory serves me correctly, is there any truth to the rumor Steve Spurrier, while at Florida is responsible for the league moving to Atlanta? Wasn’t it because he was tired of facing UAT in Birmingham – home field advantage – back in the early days of the league championship?

Joe has five years to help lead the charge to change on this one. Maybe I’ll start an online petition, or a facebook fan page or group, or maybe I’ll just get lost in the sea of emotion coming with the start of the ’09 season and forget the whole thing for five years…..

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