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The “Blount” of all the wrong jokes today

September 4, 2009

What an absolutely disgusting spectacle the ending of last night’s Oregon and Boise State game provided. If you don’t know, apparently the smack talk back to LeGarrette Blount was too much for him and he sucker punched the offending Boise State player, Byron Hout. Mind you, Blount punched him while he was looking away and being pulled the opposite direction. Blount didn’t remove his helmet until he was ready to bum rush the fans in the stands. Yes, you read that correctly, he tried to get to fans in their seats – NOT on the field. It took multiple people to restrain him and get him into the tunnel.

There are several comments on other blogs about how the Boise State player somehow “had it coming” and we, “don’t know what was done to provoke the punch.” Let me tell all you non athletic, PS3 game playing fans a thing or two….Football is violent yes, but it is settled on the field while the clock is ticking in full pads. NOT, after the game when you clearly cannot control yourself. So the Boise State player mouthed off? Yes, after Blount spent the week trash talking himself. Two wrongs a right don’t make, but in all seriousness there is never, ever an excuse to punch anyone, much less when he isn’t paying attention!

Blount should be banned from the NCAA permanently. Let the NFL sort out whether or not they want to put him and Vick on the same team next Fall if Blount makes the roster. A Los Angeles Times poll today is so far showing 72% of voters think Blount should be banned for the year.

The real shocker? LeGarrette Blount is from Florida and played JUCO ball in Mississippi *queue the sarcasm*.


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