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A great walk spoiled

October 1, 2009

With apologies to John Feinstein and Mark Twain, I’m liberalizing their entries to talk about Tennessee’s decision to ban Tiger Walk from Neyland Stadium on Saturday.

I was in Knoxville in 2004 for the Auburn game. I visited Calhoun’s on Friday night, the Game Day set on Saturday morning, Tiger Walk pre-game and “the strip” post-game. I also made my way around to “Vol Walk” with Phillip and company after Tiger Walk. To be fair, perhaps most of the putrid orange has fled the scene by the time I arrived, but by my vodka soaked estimation, there were clearly more Auburn fans at Tiger Walk then there were Vols fans at their version. The only place I saw more UT than Auburn fans was “the strip” post-game. Hmmmmm……and by mid 3rd quarter the same could be said for the inside of Neyland Stadium.

So jump to 2009 and the Vol nation has told Auburn, “No band. No cheerleaders. No Tiger Walk.” Citing safety concerns and referencing the 2004 game, the Vol nation has told Auburn officials to send the band and cheerleaders elsewhere. Fans will still greet the team as they depart the bus for the walk to the stadium. The next question, again if security is the concern, will Tennessee send extra law enforcement to the Auburn area? Can you imagine the beat down those dentured hillbilly cave-dwellers will put on our fans when there are again, more of us than them?

Kiffin either learned his lesson about running his mouth or has decided to take the passive aggressive route to get to Auburn. Canceling Tiger Walk and calling on the fans to be loud on 1st and 2nd downs and then heaping on the praise for Auburn on both sides of the ball? Seriously, if you don’t believe me, read the full story at the Tron.

I hope we have 10,000 fans at the non Tiger Walk in Knoxville Saturday evening and those same 10,000 + fans sing, “War Eagle” all night long after an Auburn victory.

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