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Week 5 around the SEC

October 1, 2009

I narrowly escaped spoiling perfection last week when MSU choked on two consecutive attempts to upset LSU at home. This week will be tougher, mainly because there is some great conference action taking place and it is always difficult to predict our beloved conference.

LSU is again on the road, this time in Athens against a more well known breed of Bulldawg, Alabama heads north to Kentucky, Ole Miss jumps the state line to face Vandy in Nashville, Auburn of course won’t be able to walk into Tennessee, and the other schools face non-conference action. Most notable of these are Georgia Tech at Mississippi State and Texas A&M at Arkansas. Florida is resting Tebow and bathing him in holy water while SC State faces Spurrier’s Gamecocks in Columbia *yawn*.

UAT vs. Kentucky. As much as Joe wants to proclaim this the upset special, he won’t. Because that would just be re-donk-ulous and irresponsible. I do however think UAT is due for a bit of a let down, and this is as good of a week for that to happen as any. Kentucky’s pass defense was worthy of mention against THE FLORIDA, but Alabama will run the ball with ease against the UK front and may not need to pass other than to grease McElroy’s arm for later. UAT enjoys a 16 point favorite status, and I think they cover it easily. UAT 36, UK 17.

LSU vs. UGA. This would be the upset special if Georgia weren’t favored to win by 3. LSU is a top 5 team otherwise disguised as a mediocre defense, streaking offense and  PR team which keeps the mad hatter on TV and in the press in all the right ways. I’m picking Georgia mostly because of their ability to score points and because LSU just plain looked terrible in Stark-vegas last weekend. LSU 24, UGA 30.

Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt. We’ll see if taking the pressure off Houston’s nuts results in much improved play this weekend. Ole Miss is on the road again after the loss to Spurrier last Thursday evening. Vandy got the win at Rice and remains competitive for most of a quarter in exactly 27.6% of their home games played in temperatures between 61 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Really, they do. I read it on the internet. Ole Miss 38, Vandy 21.

Georgia Tech vs. Mississippi State. Georgia Tech’s offensive formations got the media attention last year somewhere along the lines of what Auburn’s is getting this year. The difference is the pollsters rewarded GT last year while they’ve remained non-committal on Auburn this year. For that reason alone Joe would love to say Mississippi State buries the pain of last week’s near win over LSU and rebounds to hand Tech a thumping. Both teams can run the ball, State has improved at stopping the run and both teams’ have struggled with QB consistency. I just don’t think State can get up for this game after last week and Tech is a legit threat, even for an ACC squad. GT 27, MSU 21.

Texas A&M vs Arkansas. The Hawgs were quite literally dressed down for the world to see last weekend. Joe predicted early that Arkansas could very well be 1-3 when the Tigers roll into Wal-Mart town on Oct. 10. I’m sticking to my belief that the lack of defense and the resurgence of A&M’s offensive firepower will be too much for Petrino’s piggies. A&M 45, Arkansas 38.

SC State vs. USC. This should be an easy win for Spurrier’s squad. It would be hard to imagine the Gamecocks not suffering a little bit of a hangover still from the Ole Miss victory and there are bars o-plenty in Columbia to make that a vicious reality. But, Steve just isn’t the type of ball coach, old as he may be, to let his guys stumble that far. State makes the short drive to Columbia, takes their lumps and collects their paycheck. SC State 13, USC 21.

THE FLORIDA. Even with a backup, they easily defeat their bye week.

Auburn vs. Tennessee. Auburn gets their own post, later. 😉

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