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Halfway house: SEC’s midseason address

October 7, 2009

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Who else refuses to admit that after this weekend, the regular season will be on the downhill run? Hide all you want, it is inescapable that with Sunday morning’s bloody mary (NOTE: Dear FTC, no vodka was consumed nor promoted during the posting of this blog), we will be on the inward 6.

The conference has surprised even Joe this year with the Big 12 like display of offense and talented QBs. This Saturday will feature some very nice throw-downs, QB style as THE FLORIDA takes on LSU, Alabama visits Ole Miss, Kentucky travels down to South Carolina and Houston flys into Mississippi State. The other teams, known more for their lack of signal calling consistency, squaring off are Georgia visiting Tennessee and Vanderbilt at Army. In keeping with tradition, Joe will reserve his Auburn versus Arkansas comments for later posts. At this point the reader should not assume Joe is superstitious, changing shirts at halftime or jumping over the last step on the way out of the house in the morning. That stuff is just silly.

THE FLORIDA vs. LSU. Am I again alone it thinking how ridiculous it is for LSU fans to be calling and texting Florida coaches and players? As if mooning the opposing team or attacking their team bus isn’t grotesque enough, the stories are popping up about LSU fans doing just that (again): targeting UF players and coaches cell phones. If Tim Tebow plays on Saturday, we can only hope he does his make-believe phone call to the fans after his first of many TDs. On a serious note, this is a serious game with more than serious implications to the entire BCS picture as well as the SEC.

If Tim Tebow does in fact dress and play on Saturday, this is a very different game. LSU’s defense has been steady but not spectacular this year and if they don’t have to worry with dual threat Superman, then their game plan becomes easy. Too easy. THE FLORIDA has had one test so far, and no one was singing their praises after the “W” that was a counted as a moral loss in the suburbs of Knoxville. *Insert violent cough interspersed with “jackasses” here*

I look for THE FLORIDA to attack Jordan Jefferson and win the game with defense. I don’t think this is a blow-out, but rather a methodical display of a balanced Gator squad. UF 34, LSU 21

UAT vs. Ole Miss.Nick $aban will have the Tide at a fever pitch, knowing full well a big win over Ole Miss early in the day with #1 & #4 playing at night could catapult the Crimson clad chain gang into the top spot. However, the Nutt is at his best with his back against the wall and counted out. Unfortunately, rock bottom for Ole Miss will probably be at the end of the month, on the road at guess where? Yup, Auburn. The Tide defense is too solid across all facets for Jevan Snead who will move the ball, but only in spurts. Ole Miss has looked tired early in the games I’ve seen and Alabama’s bruisers’ will reap the rewards late. UAT 28, Ole Miss 13

UK vs South Carolina. Kentucky presents a problem for Spurrier’s Gamecocks. He sits at 4-1 on the season and like so many times in the past few years, fully in control of his own destiny. USC is at home in Columbia against a Wildcat team that is to self destruction what chocolate is to a peanut butter and chocolate candy in an orange wrapper (NOTE: Again, FTC, no candy was consumed during the production of this blog). USC’s defense can help create the aforementioned self destruction en route to a Gamecock win. UK 17, USC 28

Houston vs. Mississippi State. Dear Bulldogs, I want to pick you in a non-conference game, I really, really do. Please play like you did against LSU again sometime soon. Signed, Joe Auburn. Houston 42, Miss. State 27

Georgia vs. Tennessee. It is hard to believe this game isn’t getting the attention of yesteryear. Georgia is basically playing for the number two seed in the East and Tennessee is playing because they have too many season ticket holders not to. What every Auburn fan expected Tennessee to do last week is what they will probably do this weekend – run, run and run the ball. Crompton’s days of 43 pass attempts are for the most part, done. If the UT receivers block downfield as well as they catch, Hardesty and Company will again rack up yards in the <20 per attempt category. Flip the line of scrimmage and if Joe Cox doesn’t get control of the huddle, UT will make mince-meat of the UGA marginal rushing game. This should be a desperation match with both teams struggling to overcome previous week losses, but in the end UGA plays just a little bit better. UGA 21, UT 20

Vanderbilt vs Army. The ‘Dores are known to have been founded by a guy who wished he was a sailor. Army is known by most to be the US Military Academy at West Point, New York and cranks out fresh lieutenants for, hold a minute, the US Army. Neither has been known for football in a very, very long time. Vandy needs this win more than Army, but neither will appear to want OR need it during the course of the game. In the end though, I think Vandy does more good things right and earns the win. Vandy 17, Army 13

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