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Volksmarch on over to the Alpen Cafe

October 12, 2009

Joe and Josephine get distracted come Fall. Auburn football always seems to take a priority, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still love to get out and sample the food and drink in the area.

The Alpen Cafe is a new establishment in nearby Opelika, Alabama. They are just down (or south west for you techies) South Railroad Avenue from other Joe Auburn favorites like Jimmy’s and the Brass Brassiere.

The theme is decidedly German and Bavarian to boot (I *heart* das Boot!). They feature such classics as Sauerbraten (German pot roast), Schnitzel, brats and salads. Yes, for the thirsty, they even have German beer. Joe has personally placed his seal of approval on the Sauerbraten and brats with German style fondue. If you’ve never tried German food, take the time to try it and be patient. You’ll be rewarded if you savor the slightly sweet in one dish with the decidedly sour in another. Joe had no problems, Josephine felt it was just a little too authentic for her taste.

As you enter the front, don’t be confused by the wide bar area that greets you mixed with the pastry display in the front window. They do have additional seating in the rear and another bar as well. On our last visit, they were celebrating Oktoberfest and had a very nice Bluegrass band playing. Odd mixture I know, but the owners are one American, one German and Joe’s assumption is there aren’t many Polka bands in the Lee County area.

The service is fine, but honestly, much better when the owner makes her rounds. There is something comforting in hearing American English spoken with a German accent while munching on red cabbage and sipping Franziskaner Weissbier. Overall, Joe AND Josephine recommend checking out the Alpen Cafe. Joe would even go back without hesitation while Josephine says stick to the special events (like Oktoberfest).

I *heart* das Boot!

I *heart* das Boot!


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