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Like beating a Dead Kat?

October 16, 2009

There have been two themes online this week regarding Kentucky’s visit to Auburn. One, Kentucky is so banged up, injury riddled and worn down they make Auburn’s allotment of 77 scholarship players look like the 300 Spartans. And two, Auburn has learned from their mistake lack of focus last week and rolled the dice and gotten physical in practice this week.

Not this:

Let's get physical, physical

Let's get physical, physical

But this:

Bone Crushing Violence

Bone Crushing Violence

One would be led to believe there really is nothing left to beat out of this bunch of wounded Wildcats. To continue talking about Kentucky in their present state with LSU looming ahead seems like a monumental waste of time. But, this is an Auburn team which has surprised many, excited more and still has a lot to prove. Kentucky could be the mid-season spark needed to overcome the dead patch planted in the Ozarks.

Auburn’s offense should look to establish the run as the dominant force in this game. Hopefully, we’ll see less of the cutesy crusades and more of the buck wild sweep and a lot of gassed Kentucky defenders in the wake.

Seeing Ben Tate atop the leaderboard heading into this week’s game has to have everyone salivating for another 150 yard plus performance, and I’m sure McCalebb, Fannin and Smith all want to notch their belts at the Wildcats expense too. Be warned, we were all led to believe Arkansas’s defense was suspect and we made them look almost NFL like. Auburn will have to come out with the DWWD attitude that made them famous early.

On defense I think we’ll see more of the same ole situation. It would be foolish and short-sighted to think that regardless of who Kentucky starts at QB we’ll be able to harass them into submission. We haven’t done that to an opposing QB all year and we’re thinner now than ever. And in a side note, if you’re Mr. Indiana Football and go to play at Kentucky, does that mean you just plain suck at basketball?

No, this will be a game of containment for the defense and likely one that sees a lot of action in the reserves. Let’s face it, everyone knows Auburn can win this game. Auburn’s coaches have game planned to get ready for LSU without letting on to the team or the rest of us that’s what they’re doing. Let’s hope Kentucky plays their part in this choreographed dance.

Special teams, special teams, wherefore art thou special teams? I don’t buy the young guys excuse anymore. I think this is a full blown, lack of coaching. #epic fail

Overall, the danger in this game for Auburn is to read too much into the story line about how banged up the Kats are. Kentucky still has talent and they have coaches who have proven they know how to stick around in games where they are heavily favored to lose. Kentucky isn’t going to be intimidated by Auburn, especially after having played THE FLORIDA and UAT, and yes, after having watched the game tape of us against the Razorbacks.

If Auburn has truly taken the chains off and turned themselves loose this week then we may see a renewed, preseason like vigor when the Tigers take the field Saturday evening. We could see hard hitting action early and often as the Tigers look to get the crowd energized in our first home game since September.

Again, the story lines read like a near-dead Kentucky unit drags itself into a cage with a Tiger backed in a corner and spoiling to fight. What will we see exactly? Auburn runs into a victory and moves to 6-1.

Kentucky 17, Auburn 38.

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