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Monday Morning Musings

October 19, 2009

It is Monday on the Plains, and no, this weekend wasn’t a bad dream in an unusally cold second weekend in October. Auburn still lost to a traditional basketball school on Pat Dye Field for the first time since before most of us were born. Oddly enough, the sun came out on Sunday and although chilly, Auburn rests beneath a blanket of clear blue sky this morning.

Everywhere Josephine and I went on Sunday, the loss was the topic of conversation. The guy at Target on his cell phone loudly deriding the offensive penalty drive in the fourth quarter, the two ladies in The Home Depot theorizing that Chris Todd’s shoulder is injured, the checkout gal at take-your-pick-retail-store sighing when she says, “it was just like last year,” and the dinner guests who summed it up as, “let’s face it, we stink again this year.”

Monday at work and the sauce has been simmered down to, “the worst game Auburn has played all year.”

A trip through the AU Blog community* tells us as much as most loyal Auburn fans already know: misery loves company and most of us are unwilling to risk being happy right now. The first five games of the year made us all euphoric, the last two abysmal. We’ve allowed ourselves to soar, probably without logical reason and now we detest the fall that comes with flying too near the sun.

Jerry works some Disney magic and Brothers Grimm into his tale of pumpkins and bloodshed over at the War Eagle Reader and if you have time, a stroll through the comments reveals more speculation that this is a Chris Todd injury at the root cause.

The Fields of Donahue gives us the student’s perspective to date along with a plea for patience before we all give up and forget the utter unpredictable nature of college football – both the joys and pains. Well said.

For my fellow Chris Todd sympathizers and fans, please read The Great Collapse of 2009 by Jay over at Track ‘Em Tigers. I think you’ll appreciate how he sums up what we may think is happening to Chris as well as what Todd is likely to face as the brunt of the criticism.

My favorite of all this morning was Will’s, “From the Bleachers” post, artfully working the similarities between the remnants of Bowden’s tenure with where we sit today, post Tuberville and team. He does a really smart job of describing what Joe has felt about what the perceived happenings in the last three years of recruiting and coaching from Coach Tubs. Yes, we’ve truly gone from Bad to Worse.

When you are all done with those and want a little good news via the shape-changeling world of recruiting, check out the weekend commitment for the Tigers at Offensive Line.

Whatever you do, don’t go look at the rankings. There is nothing good there, and certainly nothing to make you feel better about the remainder of the Tiger schedule.

LSU sits at the long end of this week and in addition to being well rested, they face the good Tigers at home on ESPN2. Josephine and I will be close to enemy territory as we spend the weekend in New Orleans and Joe plans to eat and drink his way through the Big Easy while cheering on Auburn!

*This blog written and saved as a draft before going back and adding in fellow blogs of interest, note and particularly well written post Kentucky sentiments.

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