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Weak 10 ramblings

November 5, 2009
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The SEC lays claim to three national spotlights as THE FLORIDA, the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa and LSU all sit in almost every version of the Top 10. The rest of the conference enters the month of November battling for degrees of bowl-worthiness.

However, those battles aren’t particularly compelling viewing this weekend considering the slate of non-conference opponents (I do include Auburn’s PPV scrimmage against the Furman Paladins in that dismissal). Check out some of the other reviews across the Auburn blog empire: Acid adds in the homecoming twist to the weekend action and updates the net yard per pass chart over at Track ’em Tigers; Auburn regains their swagger at WRAS; flags are gonna be flying and “why didn’t I think of that?” in TWER’s weekly update; and Fields of Donahue has apparel envy.

The games of the week in order of expected importance IMHO are: LSU at UAT and South Carolina at Arkansas. Outside of those two? Well, you’re watching games because you have an emotional attachment.

LSU vs. UAT. This one will either be a scrap to the death or UAT blows out the Bayou Bengals. UAT’s struggles on offense have been magnified somewhat disproportionately when you consider how much press Mark Ingram is getting in the Heisman hunt. True, Greg McElroy has cooled considerably since his first four games, but Alabama has the support on the outside, backfield and up-front to more than play cover-up. LSU’s front four has been underwhelming this year and may not stop Ingram and pressure McElroy enough to matter. One of two things takes place here, LSU has found themselves after blowing out Auburn and Tulane and gives the $aban bowl new meaning – in which case, they could very well pull off the upset, OR UAT’s weekend off was just what the doctor ordered to get McElroy back on track and the Alabama offense adds triple digits to the Bryant-Denny scoreboard. I’m going with the latter……

LSU 13, Alabama 31
South Carolina vs. Arkansas. USC sorely disappointed me (and the Palmetto state) last weekend in Knoxville. Then again, USC has shown the remarkable trend of folding like a cheap tablecloth in November over the past what, 10 years? Arkansas is in must-win territory at home while USC is already bowl eligible and probably stung mightily after getting embarrassed on Rocky Top. The key for Spurrier’s squad is going to be making Mallett move. They don’t have to sack him every down, but they do need to prevent him from settling into a comfortable pocket and blasting the ball downfield like a howitzer at D-Day. USC’s run defense is good enough to make the Razorbacks one-dimensional, but they aren’t good enough to stop the onslaught of downfield passing. I look for this one to be a great game, with plenty of back-and-forth momentum swings. In the end, the Razorbacks prevail.

USC 24, Arkansas 27

Tennessee Tech at Georgia. TTU’s only real chance against a struggling UGA team is if they pull a uniform gimmick trick in Athens and make Georgia think they are facing either the Vols or Gators.

Tennessee Tech 17, Georgia 35

Eastern Kentucky vs. Kentucky. No one outside of the banjo basketball bluegrass state will care about this one.

EKU 21, UK 31

Vanderbilt at Florida. This one is mildly entertaining only because, (1) it is a conference game, (2) Spikes has now administered his own punishment, (3) Tim Tebow is more photogenic than Paris AND Nicky Hilton combined, and (4) people will want to see what Urban Meyer complains about this week.

Vandy 14, THE FLORIDA 42

Memphis vs. Tennessee. This won’t be another 1996 game no matter how much I will it. Oh well, I’m glad we aren’t playing UT late in the season now that Crompton and Kiffin are on the same page.

Memphis 9, UT 42

Northern Arizona vs. Ole Miss. The Lumberjacks of Flagstaff?! Okay, so Ole Miss does get the creative mascot nod for this scheduling bonanza. Let’s hope the Rebels don’t overlook a team that has been surprisingly good at staying with the big boys of the college football world.

NAU Lumberjacks 17, Ole Miss 27

Furman and Auburn – I wouldn’t put Auburn in the name and not give them their own posting, so stay tuned. 😉

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