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No more punt returns, please

November 9, 2009

Sadly, there just isn’t too much for this lowly blogger to add to Saturday’s homecoming victory. I watched again last night and found it equally difficult 24 hours later to focus on the second half. Seeing our offense score on 6 straight possessions was quite simply, beautiful. Subtract the opening Furman offensive drive and our defense played out their own version of beautiful.

I’ll once again make my plea that we stop fielding punts. Just bum rush 11 and let it go. Seriously. Could someone please comment on how this might be worse? The odds of every punt taking the opposing team roll towards our end zone are 50/50. Some of them will even bounce back, and as long as we don’t touch the ball, that’s positive yardage. POSITIVE yardage and NO turnover, at ~50% of the time. Hmmmmmmm.

We do have Amen’s Corner beginning with the trip over to Athens. ESPN2 has signed on for the 6 pm Auburn time game. This will be my third visit to Athens in the past five seasons. The 2005 visit was wonderful – obviously we won, and it was a great game at the end of a day of tailgating. The Soulja Boy contest was horrible as we all now know, the Black Out being the least of our worries that day.

This year, Mark Richt, Joe Cox and the Bulldog nation has their collective and individual backs against the wall. They have taken the past three contests and you can bet, they’ll want this one as much if not more. As Coach Chizik has pointed out, three of UGA’s four losses came to top 10 teams at the time. It will be the usually tough contest in my personal favorite of our rivalry games.

Oh yeah, I’m considering placing a bag over my head when and if we punt between the hedges Saturday night.


The "ain'ts" of punt returns, your 2009 Auburn Tigers

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