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Rivalry Weekend in the SEC

November 28, 2009

The Auburn family is still mourning the near victory and admiring the heart and soul of our Auburn Tiger football team and coaches after yesterday’s Iron Bowl. For those of you who have recovered enough to tune into today’s action, Joe offers you the following nuggets.

Today around the league, everyone gets their own in-state, cross-state or traditional rivalry game. This week, I’m going to break them down by “upset special” instead of my usual order of viewing pleasure.

1. Georgia vs. Georgia Tech. I got loudly laughed at and criticized Wednesday evening when I proclaimed the Dawgs would walk out of the A-T-L with the win. Georgia has just enough scrappiness on Defense to prevent Tech from getting a full head of rushing steam and in my mind enough offense to score some points against the ACC’s best team. UGA 24, GT 20

2. Clemson vs. South Carolina. This is one Palmetto streak that is ripe to be broken. Clemson has owned this one recently, but the Gamecocks have the Defense to shut down the Tigers and make them one-dimensional. Clemson 35, USC 42

3. Tennessee vs. Kentucky. Go ahead and laugh at this one too, but I was the only person I know who picked the ‘Cats over the ‘Dawgs last week. Kentucky has shown a knack for snapping streaks this season (*ahem* Auburn and Georgia) and Tennessee hasn’t fully recovered from the dismissal of a few players. Sure, they worked Vandy over last weekend, but the vaunted UT D gave up plenty of yardage and Kentucky should win this one late. UT 24, Kentucky 27

4.  Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State. At this point in the list, I really don’t give an “upset” much credence, however, I think Dan Mullen knows how important a win in the Egg Bowl would mean towards banking some good will for next year. This one is familiar because the Bulldogs are in the “nothing to lose” category and therefore will probably play lights out until, well they turn the lights out. I’m still technically going to pick Ole Miss, but this one is borderline on Joe’s upset special list. Ole Miss 30, Miss. State 21

5. Arkansas vs. LSU. Okay, we’re officially below the probability of an upset, however, LSU spent way too much time this past week defending the final minute and a half of the Ole Miss loss. Arkansas might scratch out a win if Ryan Mallett gets to do what he does best: stand still and bomb away. I seriously doubt if the Tiger D will stand for that. Arkansas 17, LSU 24

6. Florida State vs. THE FLORIDA. When the doors open and Tim Tebow takes the field, everyone, including the TV audience better be wearing some industrial strength sunglasses. Music will cue from an unknown location, blinding, hot, white light will stream out and Tebow will glide to midfield being pulled behind two, winged-horses. Tim will be standing on a surf board made of crushed and recycled Bobby Bowden bobble head dolls (NOTE: Joe Auburn supports sustainable living). That’s about as close as anyone or anything resembling a Seminole will get to Tebow all day. FSU could score late after Urban Meyer rests the starters for Bama. FSU 10, THE FLORIDA 49

And that folks, is a wrap for the final regular season weekend. Joe has plenty of Auburn reviews coming including final thoughts from the Iron Bowl, reviews of the reopened Hamilton’s and reviews on Fine Wine and Beer by Gus and hopefully, the new Indian restaurant on the Plains.

Thank you all for your support and comments this 2009 Football Season!


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