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Post Iron Bowl randomness

November 30, 2009

Friday’s loss certainly hurt. For 58 and 1/2 minutes, Auburn gave Alabama more than they wanted and won the game. Auburn made certain Mark Ingram’s Heisman shot would be delayed at least one week after stuffing him for a grand total of 30 yards – doggone near 100 less than his per game average. Auburn’s offense blew up all the averages and rankings Alabama’s defense has spent all year accumulating. And yet, Auburn still lost the game. And no, this is not a moral victory. The Iron Bowl has never been measured in anything but the final score.

So what did we walk out of Jordan-Hare with Friday afternoon? The certainty that at least as long as Coach Gene Chizik can hold on to, or maintain the level of intensity he and his assistant coaches have, there will not be another 36-0 lashing like 2008. And even though they’ll never admit it, ‘Bama learned that on Friday as well.

We walked out knowing pretty much the same thing most of us predicted at the end of summer. Auburn would win 6 or 7 games, and could stretch and win 8. Looking back, a 9 win season was certainly within our grasp, and 10 wins could have come with a little luck. I count LSU as the only loss that appeared completely unavoidable and Arkansas as another win which probably wasn’t meant to be. Kentucky, Georgia and yes, Alabama could’ve, would’ve and yeah, should’ve gone our way.

Recruiting. 3-star TE recruit and Michael Dyer teammate Dakota Mosley committed to Auburn after the game. The Auburn coaches are hot on the trail of securing commitments from the ton of prospects in attendance. As tired as you know our coaches are, you can bet a paycheck they are all on the road this week visiting recruits, shoring up commitments and locking in those last few targets. When’s the last time our coaches finished the Iron Bowl and did something other than go duck hunting?

Polls, Rankings, etc. Auburn will be unranked in 2009, even if we win our bowl game (prediction). However, this being Monday, we also know Auburn’s effort widened the gap Florida holds over ‘Bama in the AP poll. Which of course means absolutely ZERO if ‘Bama beats Florida in the SEC Championship. But still, isn’t it nice to know the AP voters saw the same thing we did in the Iron Bowl?

Auburn fans. Why do you sell your Iron Bowl tickets to the most heinous Alabama fans? The four behind us all looked like they were attending the game on some sort of bizarre parole program. My favorite was the bourbon soaked, tattooed neck, skin-head that screamed all manner of filth at his own “team.” Thank you (select few) Auburn fans for subjecting our faithful followers to your greed.

Alabama fans. Most of my ‘Bama fan friends were strangely silent after the game. I didn’t get the typical onslaught of ignorant statements, but the two I did get were priceless….

  1. My sons were screaming “I hate Auburn” every time y’all scored. My wife tried to correct them the first time and I told her, “it is okay to hate Auburn.” Can the mullets, sleeveless shirts and tobacco addiction be far behind?
  2. The difference between your fans and ‘Bama fans is we all believed we were going to whip that Auburn ass all year, and your fans knew you didn’t have a chance. Aside from wondering if he watched the same game we did, everyone in Auburn talked about what they were going to do after we upset ‘Bama. Can you say, disconnect?

Going Bowling. It may not be pretty, and it certainly won’t be a BCS bid, but Auburn will go bowling again. I know more than a handful of Auburn families in the area who have proclaimed they’re going, “even if it is to Legion Field.” Aside from our seniors getting one last go with the team and fans, the 15 days of practice the entire Auburn staff and team get are simply huge in preparing for Spring 2010 and beyond.


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