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What’s in your stocking?

December 18, 2009

Classes and finals concluded earlier in the week with grades and graduation arriving this afternoon. Auburn is about to become a sleepy little town, down about 100% on the population. The Outback is the hottest ticket in town right now and yes, even the location in Opelika has seen a modest increase in traffic.

Tim Hawthorne put the finishing touches on his time as an Auburn man this week. Eric Smith appears to have fallen from grace (again), and so far no current or former Auburn coaches reserved a seat on the coaching carousel.

TWER quite honestly has the best collection of links and dialogue regarding all the early signing in recruiting. However, AuburnTron leads the pack on news and notes about 5-star QB Cam Newton.

Several local restaurants claim to have New Year’s Eve dinners planned, but finding news of them online is about as easy as the ’09 Tigers cleanly fielding a punt. The Brass Brassiere has the wine flowing like beer over in Opelika and The Strutting Duck even has dueling pianos tonight.

And as you might guess, the postings become quite erratic in the absence of the “regular” season. Add the Holidays in, and Joe and Josephine get almost hermit-like. We’ll have some thoughts on the Bowl games later as well as an Auburn and Northwestern preview. Till then, Happy Holidays from Joe Auburn!


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