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Happy Holidays – links and Auburn news for all, and to all a good time!

December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays from the Joe Auburn family to each of you. Whether you’re one of our adoring fans or not, we still appreciate the time you take to stop by and look for something worth reading and commenting upon. The number of Auburn bloggers plying away out there has steadily increased, so we are thankful ours is on your “nice” list. And yes, you are invited to follow us on Twitter too!

While we are referencing “nice” lists, we should toss out the “naughty” list as well. John Douglas, Jason King and Eric Smith join Tyrik Rollison on this season’s naughty list. Douglas and King are alledged to have enjoyed a tad too much liquid Holiday cheer and topped it off with a ill-advised trip behind the wheel. The loss for Auburn will be on an already suspect special teams. Smith shot himself in the academic foot and Rollison’s suspension gets no credible press as to the how’s and why’s. Let’s hope all four of them view the time at home away from the Outback Bowl as a punishment they don’t want to repeat.

And in further naughty news, Jerry puts Lebo on watch. We’ll cover basketball from time to time, but TWER is probably your best first stop for coverage.

The Tigers will take three days off and then report to Tampa on December 26th. While there, they’ll work in Northwestern specific practice amongst all the Bowl game festivities before kicking off the January 1st day bowls at 10 am Auburn time.

The very publicized appearance last weekend of Cam Newton brought about an apparent smile. The rumors swirl this is the 5-star Coach Luper referenced and the sole reason Auburn didn’t sign a 5th commitment a couple of weeks ago to count towards last year’s total. As long as the kid has cleaned up his act, I think most of us will welcome him to the Auburn family. And of course, he’ll announce on Dec. 25th….

For those of us blessed enough to claim the 334 or the 36830 or both, the newly opened India Garden will be open on Christmas day with their regular fare featured between 11 am and 3 pm and a special buffet from 5:30 to 9 pm. Josephine and I plan to check out at least one, if not both of the offerings. No, we won’t be calling the Panda to let them know they can’t count on two of their regulars this year.

Jimmy’s of Opelika will offer a special New Year’s Eve dinner with seating starting at 5:30 pm and continuing until 9:30 pm. About 200 feet away at Eighth and Rail, you can ring in the New Year after a Jimmy’s dinner which features an appetizer, main course and dessert for just $39.95. The menu includes treats like shrimp and scallops au gratin, salmon and crabmeat, chicken cordon bleu and prime rib. Joe and Josephine always recommend Jimmy’s, and if we do end up staying in town – you’ll see us there!

From Joe (and Josephine) Auburn to each of you – have a Happy and Safe Holiday!


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