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Struttin’ into the Downtown Duck

February 16, 2010

Well, after multiple trips to the relocated Strutting Duck – currently in the former home of the Olde Auburn Ale House – Joe and Josephine have formed enough of an opinion to share with our followers.

Go check it out for yourselves.

Yes, it is that simple.

IMHO, the menu reads much better than any of the actual selections. I’d classify the food as good, not great. However, the bright spots include arguably the friendliest and most helpful service you’re going to find in downtown Auburn as well as an impressive beer selection (on tap and bottled).

Josephine has now tried several of the salads and isn’t quite ready to recommend any of them. Joe would say if you’re going to a drinking establishment looking for a “salad” you’re going to be as effective as a Muscovite looking for a 5-star beach resort in your backyard. However, after my own sampling of the sandwich menu, I’d say the food has only marginally improved over the last days of the Ale House.

Then again, there are gems to be found and the half pound $2 burger night provides the first. Monday’s you can snag a burger for $2 and add french fries or tots for a little more.

The Duck appears to be positioning itself as the low cost nightly food option coupled with live music or trivia saddled up nicely to a fine selection of draft beers. They have built a chalkboard full of the high-gravity selections which so far, all of the wait and bar staff have more than a passing knowledge of.

Joe and Josephine proudly say check out the nightly specials for dinner, but plan on coming back for the entertainment and beer.

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